Our Story

On the surface, we’re a website that sell sports kit. But don’t be fooled, Kitlocker.com is much more than that.

Our story begins in 2005. Back then there was a problem in the teamwear market – service levels in the industry sucked. And online stores for team kit just weren’t a thing.

There wasn’t a company solving the problem so our founders, Mike and Tom, set up shop in their volleyball coach’s attic.

Fast forward two decades and Kitlocker is now the biggest and most dynamic business in that industry.

We put our successes down to our relentless dedication to making things better for brands, organisations and, crucially, the sports community that deserves a kit ordering process they can trust. Whether you are a university, a leading sports organisation or an amateur team, Kitlocker.com is here for you.

At Kitlocker we understand we’re a part of that community and the importance of our role within it. We value every individual and organisation that we work with, because without the community, sport wouldn’t be the incredible thing that so many people love.

The more we’ve grown as a business, the more emphasis we’ve placed on giving back to the grassroots community. Because after all, grassroots sport gave us the platform to grow out of that attic room, to where we are now. We wouldn’t be here without it.

Our mission is to help the community when they need us, to enable it to grow and thrive. That’s why, in 2023, we launched Kitunlocker. A campaign that provides a leg up to sports clubs and organisations that are about more than just what happens on the pitch.

We’re looking forward to adding more and more chapters to our story in the coming years, striving for even better and building our community.

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