Man City & OKX Collaboration

When Man City sponsors OKX asked us to help them print up some unique and limited edition kits for the Premier League, European and world champions, we naturally jumped at the chance.

For those unfamiliar, OKX describe themselves as “the only app you’ll need for all things crypto”.

They were searching for someone to help them apply designs from two artists to a limited run of City’s 23/24 home shirt. The campaign was titled “Unseen City Shirts”.  In order to truly reflect the artist’s visions, the prints needed to be intricate, colour matched and of the highest quality. Enter

We used our revolutionary Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing technology to meet the requirements of this particular project. DTF is a digital printing method that transfers designs onto textiles by first printing them onto a special film and then using a heat press to apply the design to the fabric. The process is quick and durable, and the designs can be detailed and vibrant.

The first of the two designs, named “The Roses and the Bees” was created by Christian Jeffrey and features the Lancashire red rose and the quintessentially Mancunian worker bee.

The second design to drop, entitled “Blue Moon”, was the work of Charli Cohen. The concept is the phases of the lunar cycle and is inspired by the club’s famous anthem.

OKX users were given the opportunity to win the physical versions of the shirts when purchasing them as digital collectibles via their platform.

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