x Virgin Active’s relationship with Virgin Active UK began in 2018 after a referral from our partners at Nike.

Virgin Active is a group of 43 health clubs in locations across the UK. Via their first class facilities they provide their members with personal training, swimming, spas, exercise classes and a whole lot more.

Virgin Active were looking for a way of efficiently facilitating uniform orders for both new and existing members of staff across their 43 clubs. A huge undertaking for a business with such a large number of employees based at so many different locations.

In order to meet their needs and solve this problem, we created a bespoke eCommerce platform that ensures VA staff are kitted out with everything they need in the most efficient and pain-free manner possible.

The platform gives Virgin Active club managers the flexibility to order uniform as and when required. A helpful factor when considering the levels of staff turnover in this industry. The online platform also removes the need for them to hold any stock. Our admin system enables us to ensure that there is minimal risk for both VA and Kitlocker when it comes to underwriting stock, whilst also enabling items to be dispatched quickly. VA had been left with surplus stock at the end of previous agreements and this is something they were keen to avoid.

The success of this partnership has also led to us becoming the kit supplier of Virgin Active Singapore, to whom we have provided a large number of bulk kit orders.

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