Our Values


Trust: You can trust Kitlocker. The company was born out of a desire to see teamwear suppliers do better. And we’ve been doing that for years now. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have without our customers and partners having trust in us.

That trust wouldn’t have been earned if the business didn’t have complete trust in our team to deliver. When you work with or buy from Kitlocker you can be confident that we value you. You can be confident in us because we value the importance of being trusted and this idea runs through every element of our business, internally and externally.


Dedicated: Like every athlete, from amateur to elite level, we are dedicated to what we do. Dedicated to our team mates, dedicated to our love of sport, dedicated to giving everything, dedicated to performing our best.

It’s this dedication that has shaped our business and made it a success. The dedication means that when you work with us you’re in good hands. Our dedication means whether you’re a global sports brand or an amateur team the service you receive will be first class.


Dynamic: Our business is dynamic. Not just in the way it operates but also in the way it thinks. We are constantly thinking about the future. The future of sport. The future of sport performance. The future needs of our partners and consumers.

We look ahead to future trends – be that style on the pitch or the topics that are important to people off it. We always aim to be first. With new kit offering, with new techniques, with new approaches. Being dynamic is a mentality that Kitlocker embraces.


Community: Sport isn’t about you or me. The business or the brand. Sport is a community. At Kitlocker, we understand we’re a part of that community and the importance of our role within it. We appreciate every individual and organisation, because without the community, sport wouldn’t be the incredible thing that so many people love.

Our mission is to help the community when they need us, to enable it to grow and thrive. We’re here for you. And when you come to us, to work, to buy something or partner with us, you join our community.

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