Filthy Fellas x Umbro

In October 2023, having been approached by the team at RWD Mag and Filthy Fellas, opened conversations around producing jerseys for the Filthy Fellas podcast.

If you aren't aware, Filthy Fellas are a union of football fans that come together to produce content that is vibrant, entertaining and pushes boundaries. So any kit design needed to reflect that.

Having had previous with Filthy Fellas via a supply only deal in 2022, the team contacted us to explore options for a new shirt off the back of healthy retail performance.

From original conversations in September, over 1,000 shirts arrived with Filthy Fellas just in time for Christmas.

Having previously supplied them with Nike teamwear featuring an embroidered logo, this time we suggested going down a more bespoke route.

In this case, it quickly became evident that a bespoke Umbro jersey would be the best fit. It allowed us to match Filthy Fellas, a football and lifestyle podcast, with a brand steeped in football heritage and culture. Due to our close relationship with Umbro, designs were signed off within days and we began bringing their unique kit to life.

Whilst Kitlocker offer a full design service in house, in this instance Filthy Fellas supplied us with their vision which looked as good in real life as it did on a screen. The shirt features a custom neckline, cuffs and trims in associated colourways. The main body of the jersey has an all over tonal sublimation print to add an additional layer of uniqueness. Finally, we finished off with a silicone satin heat applied crest to make this jersey as 'football' as they come.

At Kitlocker, we're comfortable and adept at working across multiple brands without any level of conflict. Our strong brand relationships ensure we can make proposals to partners that best suit their needs.

To elevate this partnership even further, Umbro leveraged their relationship with Premier League side AFC Bournemouth to facilitate a special edition episode of the Filthy podcast.

It was the perfect stage to launch the jersey. The guys sat down with Neto, Alex Scott and Max Aarons to record an unforgettable episode. All whilst donning the new jerseys with pride.

Low minimum order quantities, competitive prices and complete control over customisation made this a no brainer for Filthy Fellas. They wouldn't be able to access this level of service anywhere else.

Looking ahead, after the success of this project, we're really excited to continue working with Filthy Fellas.

There are already plans in place to develop more shirts that connect with the FF audience and make an impact accross the wider football content arena.

If you think a similar model would suit a project you're working on, get in touch.

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