Oxford University

Kitlocker.com’s relationship with Oxford University began in 2012 after a recommendation from our partners at Nike. 

Over a decade later and we’re still proudly kitting out the students of one of the world’s most prestigious Universities in Oxford Blue sportswear, featuring the famous Nike Swoosh.

The challenge posed to us by Oxford University was very different to that of most other Universities and educational institutions. OU’s wide array of individual colleges, all of which have their own crests and logos, makes providing personalised sportswear to each of them and their sports clubs a difficult but exciting problem to tackle.

We built a robust and bespoke eCommerce platform that could cater for, not only the main OU Sports Clubs, but also the hundreds of sports clubs that represent the 40+ Colleges that make up the University.

The longevity of our partnership with Oxford University is thanks, not only to the strong relationship we’ve built with everyone involved in the partnership, but also to the fact that no other sportswear supplier has the capability or the systems infrastructure to meet such unique and complex needs.

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