x PGMOL’s relationship with PGMOL began in 2016 after a referral from our partners at Nike. PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) are the body responsible for refereeing across every level of professional football in England.

Our role with PGMOL involves the fulfillment of kit requirements for registered match officials. This is facilitated by a custom built and user-friendly online ordering portal, where the user can log in with their details, select their required items and sizes, and then arrange delivery.

Orders will then be collated and the product ordered in from Nike. Once in the building, the products will be fed into our in-house production team who apply approximately 15,000 customisations to PGMOL orders each year.

The order data gathered from the online portal will determine which customisations are applied to which orders, depending on each match officials individual classification (eg. Premier League, EFL, WSL).

Our packing and shipping teams will then ensure that each order is delivered to the correct match official in a timely and orderly fashion, ready for their next big game.

With PGMOL being responsible for hundreds of match officials, all with different classifications, sizes and delivery addresses, placing orders manually in bulk would be a daunting and time-consuming logistical task.

Our automated systems mean that all of the order information is processed accurately and quickly. Each match official can order everything they need themselves, in relation to their own classification, with no admin required from PGMOL. And, with every step of the process managed by, any issues can be identified and dealt with immediately.

We also have the pleasure of fulfilling the kit requirements for match officials when taking part in big showpiece occasions such as cup finals.

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