Hackney Wick xTop Boy/Netflix

The kit collab to end all kit collabs... In April 2022, we were introduced to the creative team at Netflix, specifically those working on Top Boy, a fictional series based around gang culture in London.

Discussions began in December 2021, before designs, products and home and away siloheouttes were signed off in the following year, ready for retail launch. At present, we’ve collectively sold over 2,100 jerseys - numbers that wouldn't look out of place in League Two or the National League.

Working with Hackney Wick FC, Netflix and London menswear brand Labrum London, we collaborated on a design that drew upon West African heritage, Hackney, and the club. This was done within our design parameters, to ensure a retail ready product that would provide a steady source of income throughout the season for HWFC.

At present, we’ve paid over £15,000 back to Hackney Wick from shirt sales, taking care of all orders, customisations and enquiries - removing the admin from key stakeholders outside of our business.

Whilst the club had options in terms of who could execute the design for the players, there are very few that offer a retail ready platform that’s integrated into bespoke built systems that allow consumers to enjoy quick lead times, and additional customisation through personalised namesets.

Moreover, the monthly reporting and royalty payments are something we take pride in, as we know it’s typically challenging for grassroots football teams to remain sustainable for an extended period of time.

We’re very proud to run platforms that are capable of handling the amount of traffic generated from a global name like Netflix, which is testament to our dynamism, as we continue to develop a robust ecommerce offering that’s a viable option for brands, institutes and governing bodies.

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