A shared passion for grassroots football is what brought us together with the UK’s largest charity shopping website Easyfundraising. The platform of choice when local football clubs want to raise money for their teams by shopping online.

We wanted to use our shared links to the grassroots football community to build a brand engagement campaign that would grow both of our user bases, increase revenue, but also give the UK’s amateur football clubs access to something special and unique. 

The Kitlocker and Easyfundraising Team Kit Giveaway was born. The aim was simple – a money can’t buy competition giveaway with a £21,000 prize pool, including the chance for grassroots football clubs to win a brand new, fully customised team kit from Kitlocker.

We provided the prize pool and fulfillment, while Easyfundraising designed a customised user experience with unique campaign creative, landing pages and an integrated paid social campaign targeting the grassroots football community.

The campaign objectives tied in large scale database growth, revenue generation from the new users captured by the competition and also something much deeper – creating a human and personal connection between two brands and the grassroots football community that they both serve. 

The response to the Kitlocker and Easyfundraising Team Kit Giveaway was nothing short of astounding. Thanks to targeted promotional tactics, including paid social, staggered prize giveaways and third-party partner promotions over 21,000 users visited the competition page, and 6,000 football teams entered.

And best of all, 25 grassroots football teams turned out for the start of the 2022 season wearing brand new Nike kit, supplied and customised by Kitlocker with the Easyfundraising brand name taking pride of place on the front of each shirt.

Overall, the competition gave away prizes including kit, footballs and vouchers to 95 different teams, delivered revenue of over £183,000 and ROI above £6 back for every £1 spent for both Easyfundraising and Kitlocker.

How we did it…

We used our longstanding partnership with Nike to produce a prize pool worth over £21,000. The full prize pool consisted of:

  • 25 Full team kits (15 outfield shirts, 1 goalkeeper shirt, 16 shorts, 16 socks)
  • 50 Bundles of Nike Pitch Footballs
  • 15 £100 vouchers

Both Kitlocker and Easyfundraising committed to paid social campaigns to ensure the campaign could deliver on the goal to bring new football clubs and supporters to Easyfundraising.

Kitlocker’s own paid social campaign targeted an audience pool of 141,000 on Twitter and Facebook, plus a solus email to 13,000 existing football clubs.

Both Easyfundraising and Kitlocker have relationships with local County FA’s including Durham, Surrey and Manchester, who administer amateur football in their respective regions and have a highly engaged audience of local football players. The County FAs ensured the competition reached another 25,000 users.

Once each winner was announced Kitlocker’s team got in touch with them personally to arrange fulfilment. In the case of the team kits this involved ensuring that each team’s name, colourway, logo and sizes were all correct before printing. Kitlocker’s fulfilment team liaised with a representative of each team kit winner to make sure these crucial details were in place. Pride in wearing your team’s colours on a matchday is a badge of honour for the football community. Hearing how proud and excited the winners were to be turning out in their new kits was a great thrill for the Kitlocker team.

And to top it off, the campaign won the award for ‘Best Brand Engagement’ at the Performance Marketing Awards in 2023!

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