Jamie Velocity & Talent Ain’t Enough


At the back end of 2021, Nike introduced us to Nike Master Trainer, Jamie Reynolds (@jamie_velocity). They were looking to drop a Nike capsule collection for Jamie’s growing community.

Jamie challenged us to create something a little outside of the box, taking inspiration from blackout jerseys that soared in popularity in 2021 and 2022. Mainly thanks to Nike affiliated clubs such as AIK Stockholm and BSC Young Boys pushing the boundaries.

For the main jersey, we applied a silicone glass overlay to the Nike swoosh with a matte stroke – the same finish we went for with the Talent Ain’t Enough left chest crest. To finish, matte black ‘Talent’ wording sat where a traditional sponsor would sit.

We added supplementary products to complete the range, with different colours and badges complimenting the headline blackout jersey.

All products had margin built into them, with Jamie paid royalties on everything sold. We covered the whole retail process. The only thing Jamie had to do was promote the range to the army of followers via his own, and the Talent Ain’t Enough channels.

Whilst Jamie & Talent Ain’t Enough are familiar with ecommerce platforms, they don’t hold any stock, nor did they want to take on the liability of having any on site.

We printed to order on kitlocker.com, ensuring quick lead times and no liability. All orders were embedded into our systems and we took full control of picking, printing, shipping and customer service.

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